Euro Edge


Easy to use and quick to install


The Euro Tile Edge is the fully customizable solution to run around the perimeter of your finished porcelain tile installation, providing stability and strong lateral support. The Euro Tile Edge is made with 100 % polyethylene.


  • Will not corrode.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • Xtra versatile.
  • Xtra robust system.
  • Xtra support strength.
  • Use with Euro Tile Screws.

Euro Edge Coverage


Products Retail Size Units per Pallet
Euro Tile Edge 1 piece : 8 linear feet 1 pack = 64 linear feet 1 bundle = 24 pieces = 192 linear feet 16 bundles = 3072 linear feet

Application & Instructions

  1. It can be installed either before or after the Porcelain tile installation.
  2. Using one Euro Tile Screw every second hole and at every junction ensures continuous lateral support.
Euro Screws

Euro Tile Screws

For use with Euro Tile System

Fastening Euro Tile Edge with the Euro Tile Screws through the Euro Base reinforces the outside perimeter, creating a strong lateral support.


  • 50 screws per box

Diagram Legend

  1. Euro Tile Edge
  2. Euro Base
  3. Bedding Sand
  4. Geo-Fabric
  5. Native Soil

How it works